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Almost Fly

Original title: Almost Fly
German title: Almost Fly
135 min
from 16 years
Direction: Florian Gaag


2022 |

Eichfeld, 1990: The Wall has fallen. While reunification is being celebrated in Berlin, Walter – known as “W” – Ben and Nik are bored with their lives in the West German province. At school, they are ostracised, they do not fit in and are almost invisible to the girls. Everything changes when the outsiders sneak off in a car to the nearby US base to attend a party. This is where, for the first time, the three 17-year-olds come into contact with breakdance, hip-hop and rap – and are full of enthusiasm. In order to escape the exclusion at school and to impress their beloved, they announce that they want to rap themselves at the school festival. But sooner than expected, W, Ben and Nik find themselves facing a major challenge – the English language, which none of the three really speaks. Surrounded by outdated traditions, racism and long-kept family secrets, they try to find their own language. Thus, they end up making German rap music, getting closer to the big stage, and also discovering themselves.

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