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27th International

Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

8 – 15 OCT 2022

Livestream award ceremony of the 26th IFF SCHLiNGEL

On 16th October the IFF SCHLiNGEL 2021 has ended with its officiall award ceremony on 5.30 pm. Couldn't travel? Then meet us here at the city hall in Chemnitz via the following link. (the whole event was be interpreted)

It's time to SCHLiNGEL again!

Long enough the worldwide pandemic has determined our living and working. We think it's time to have something to look forward to:

Also in 2021 SCHLiNGEL will bring films, a young audience and the film industry to cinemas - physically, live and "in color". The 26 International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience will take place from 09 to 16 October 2021. After we managed to have 13.000 guests at place in 2020 we're even more optimistically for this year's festival edition. Here you can see pictures of the SCHLiNGEL 2020. We thank all partners, sponsors and helpers for making SCHLiNGEL 2020 in these special times possible.

After the Opening Ceremony on 09 October different locations invite to film screenings. Also the IFF SCHLiNGEL Industry Forum will take place at the Chemnitzer Hof. Well-known and new formats as COMING SOON and the first CENTRAL EUROPEAN CHILDREN'S FILM MARKET are waiting. The big finale will be the Awarding Ceremony on 16 October.

The extraordinary, brand-new and diverse productions at the SCHLiNGEL International Film Festival for Children and Young Audiences have been drawing thousands of young and old cineasts from Chemnitz and the surrounding area to the CineStar in the Galerie Roter Turm every year since 1996.

Beside this IFF SCHLiNGEL offers a challenging and varied fringe programme to accompany the first-class viewing delights, with podium discussions, talks and workshops. There is a particular emphasis on educational sessions on film and media for kindergartens and schools; through practical activities, the participants are given an insight into topics such as film production or using a camera and equipment. Professionals also bring themselves up to date with the latest trends and issues relating to children’s and young adult films at seminars and forums, and can exchange views with each other in lively discussions.

In addition to the annual staging of the SCHLiNGEL International Film Festival, matinee tours have been established across Saxony. Selected productions are brought to a larger international audience outside the festival as well. This is the aim behind diverse international film presentations, for example in Canada, China, India, Japan and Russia.

Picture and sound of the 25th SCHLiNGEL

Together we rocked the 25th SCHLiNGEL! We are happy about the positive feedback and the fantastic festival spirit. As always, we would like to thank all visitors, patrons, partners and sponsors. Thanks also to filmmakers from far and wide, who could not travel as much as in the years before, but used our video wall to communicate with our visitors in live-calls.

The winners 2021

77 long films and more than 116 short films compete against each other in the various categories. Here you will find out who won the coveted SCHLiNGEL trophies on 16th October at 10 pm. We're really excited - aren't you, too?

We want to see you!

Mädchen schaut durch Kamera

Show us your impressions of the 26th IFF SCHLiNGEL in our social media-channels! You find us on Facebook and Instagram.

3... 2... 1...

... and here we are! SCHLiNGEL 2021 is here and we're happy to meet you in our six venues in Chemnitz and Zwickau.