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28th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

23 – 30 SEP 2023

Awards & Juries

14 Juries award 21 prizes

European Children’s Jury

Children und Junior Film Award, European Film

  • European Children’s Film Award of the Saxon Art Minister, endowed by the Saxon State Ministry of Science and Art

Childrens Jury

Childrens Film Award

  • Jury of the Dr.-Wilhelm-André-Gymnasium

Junior Jury

Junior Film Award

  • Jury of the Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium

Youth Jury

Youth Film Award

  • Jury of the Karl-Schmidt-Rottluff-Gymnasiums
    sponsored by the MDR

Professional Jury Feature Film International

Children's und Junior Film Award

  • SLM Top Award
    endowed by the Department of Private Broadcast and New Media of the Saxon Free State
  • Chemnitz Award
    endowed by the city of Chemnitz
  • MDR Special Award (public broadcasting)
    endowed by MDR

Professional Jury Feature Film National

German Focus

  • Representatives of the Goethe-Institut award the Children's and Youth Film Prize of the Goethe-Institut
  • Representatives of the DEFA-Foundation award the sponsorship prize

Professional Jury Short and Animated Film

Animation Film Award

  • Animated Film Prize
    awarded by the German Institute for Animated Film DIAF

Short Film Award

  • Short Film Prize National | Short Film Prize International
    awarded by the Film Association of Saxony
  • Animated Short Film Prize National | Animated Short Film Prize International
    awarded by the AG Animation Film

Club of Festivals


  • Representatives from more than 20 international Festivals  award prizes in the categories:
    • Children's Film
    • Junior Film
    • Youth Film



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Ecomenical Jury


  • undoped



  • undoped

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