25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020


Here you will find information about the film festival written in simple language.



SCHLINGEL is a film festival.
Film festivals are events where very special films are shown.
We show more than 250 films from almost every country in the world.
They are made for children and young people, but everyone else can also watch the films.
The best get a prize. Juries decide on the winners.
The festival takes place every autumn in Chemnitz. It lasts 1 week.
Most of the screenings are in the CineStar in the Galerie Roter Turm.
The people who made the films are also there. They talk about their work. They come from everywhere. For example from Canada, Great Britain, Italy or New Zealand.

Are there only films at SCHLINGEL?

No. Children and young people can also take part themselves.
There are many practical exercises on the subject of film.
You can learn a lot.
People who work for children's films meet at SCHLINGEL. They can talk to each other and plan new projects.

What does SCHLINGEL want to achieve?

We promote special films for children and young people.
That is why we travel all over the world.
We make sure that kids can soon see the SCHLINGEL films on German television and in cinemas.
Children and young people learn to understand films much better.
We bring people together who work for children's films.
We also show German films abroad. In this way, we can make German culture understandable.