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Make Them Jump, Baby! (Let’s Jump!)

Original title: Vielen Dank für Nichts
German title: Vielen Dank für Nichts
95 min
Deutsch, Schweizerdeutsch
Switzerland, Germany
from 12 years
FSK: from 6 approved
2013 | German Premiere
Direction: Oliver Paulus, Stefan Hillebrand
Script: Stefan Hillebrand, Stefan Hillebrand
Cast: Joel Basman, Anna Unterberger, Nikki Rappel


2013 | German Focus

Additional Information
Deutsch, Schweizerdeutsch
Deutsch (UT), Französisch (UT), Italienisch (UT)
Pierre Mennel
Nela Märki
Marcel Vaid, Rod Gonzales
Motorfilm, Frischfilm Produktion

Valentin has always the same pictures on his mind: flying on his snowboard through the snowy mountains, the fall, the helicopter, the medic. Valentin was seriously injured, but his life could be saved. Now he is paralysed and confined to a wheelchair. His life is determined by despair, self-pity and bitterness. Until his mother sends him to a theatre project for young people with disabilities. At first, Valentin is not at all willing to become involved in the theatre and residential group. He sneeringly looks down at all the “spastics” and the home with all “the shit, piss and vomit around”. Then he makes friends with the wheelies Titus and Luke, who are much worse off because they have multiple disabilities. They make trips into the city together, provoking passers-by and making an interesting experience: instead of reacting indignantly, people apologise to the handicapped – out of pity and due to their own uncertainty. This gives Valentin an idea. He wants to prove to himself and to the world that “spastics” can not only be sweet and pitiful but also do mischief. Together with his new friends he robs a petrol station: in their wheelchairs, disguised with a bull mask, his unlucky cap and with the help of Luke's voice computer.


"Packendes Jugenddrama mit romantischem Touch …" (Kulturspiegel)

Kulturspiegel , o. V.

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