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Of Loves and Lies

Original title: Fourmi
German title: Lügen haben kurze Beine
105 min
Junior Film
France, Belgium
from 11 years
2019 | German Premiere
Direction: Julien Rappeneau
Script: Julien Rappenau


2019 | Junior Film

Additional Information
Pierre Cottereau
Stan Collet
Martin Rappeneau
TF1 Films Production

Théo’s nickname means ant: A nimble creature with amazing powers – and he has this name for a good reason. Although quite small for his age, as a soccer player he is the guarantor of success for his team. His talent is promoted by his coach, even the talent scout of a famous English team will come to watch the young football players in the French province. Suddenly, even Théo’s father takes an interest in him: the alcoholic molester has not achieved anything since the separation from his mother. He hopes to accompany his son to England, thus regaining prestige and money as a player dad, and therefore begins to turn his life upside down. Théo is happy about the new courage of his finally sober father and about the time he can spend with him. To keep it all that way, the English football club simply has to sign him up – if necessary with a few tricks.

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