25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020

Bamse und die Donnerglockenblumen

Original title: Bamse och Dunderklockan
International title: Bamse and the Thunder Bell
67 min
Animated Film
from 6 years
German Premiere
Direction: Christian Ryltenius
Script: Fabian Norlander, Tomas Tivemark

Additional Information

Bamse is the kindest bear in the city and – thanks to thunder honey – also the strongest. He is a superhero, so to speak. Grandmother Bear prepares the thunder honey from magic thunder bell flowers. Grandfather once brought them with him from an expedition. He supposedly also found a treasure at that time. When the greedy wolf family hears about it, they secretly rummage about in Bamse’s attic one night and set fire to the dried bell flowers. Now Grandmother Bear can no longer make her magic honey, just when evil Reynard Fox wants to impress little Rose with some mean tricks that make him look like a hero in the city. He has made a secret pact with the wolf family. They have to fake assaults so Reynard Fox can act as the saviour. Soon the whole city cheers him while Bamse’s superpowers dwindle away. But luckily his friends, Little Hop and Shellman, have already set off for rock island, where Grandfather Bear once discovered the thunder bell flowers.