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26th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

9 – 16 OCT 2021


Original title: Sipsik
German title: Lumpi
74 min
Animated Film
Estonia, Denmark
from 5 years
2020 | German Premiere
Direction: Meelis Arulepp, Karsten Kiilerich


2020 | Animated Film

Additional Information

During the holidays Anu and her older brother Mart play together every day. But even the best holidays come to an end and the new school year is just around the corner. Six-year-old Anu is sad because she does not start school yet and a time of boredom awaits her. To comfort her, Mart prepares a special present for her birthday: grandmother has taught him how to make a doll out of fabric remnants. Anu quickly finds out that Raggie is extraordinary because she can talk, dance and sing. Only Anu can hear her. The two become best friends and spend every minute together. The siblings become more and more estranged and Anu becomes increasingly unfair to Mart, who cannot do anything right in her eyes. The situation becomes unbearable for Raggie as well. She blames herself for the way things have turned out. The toy makes a decision and runs away. But soon the doll remembers her promise never to leave Anu alone.