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The Ogglies – Welcome to Smelliville

Original title: Die Olchis - Willkommen in Schmuddelfing
German title: Die Olchis - Willkommen in Schmuddelfing
85 min
German Focus
Germany, Belgium
from 4 years
2021 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Toby Genkel, Jens Møller
Script: Toby Genkel, John Chambers, Basierend auf: der Buchreihe „Die Olchis von Erhard Dietl


2021 | German Focus

Additional Information
WunderWerk in Koproduktion mit Verlag Friedrich Oetinger

The small town of Smelliville has big problems with its huge rubbish dump. It pollutes the air, so the inhabitants hardly leave their houses and tourists stay away. Even burglars no longer go out to steal. One day a whole Oggly family arrives: dad, mum, grandpa and grandma, as well as their children Motte, Messi and Oggly baby. The little green creatures with their bulbous noses and three knobbly hearing horns like everything humans find disgusting: stench, dirt and mud. They feed on rubbish, preferably leaking batteries in melted plastic or old chain oil. So the Ogglies could solve Smelliville’s problem in a short time. But Hammer, a money-hungry construction magnate, and the ambitious mayor have other plans. They want to build a huge wellness area on the outskirts of the town and therefore get rid of the Ogglies. But Motte, Messi and Oggly baby have meanwhile found real friends in the human children Max and Lotta. Together, they fight for the Oggly family to be allowed to keep their new super Oggly home

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