25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020

Verdammtes Glück

Original title: Les enfants de la chance
International title: The Children of Chance
96 min
Junior Film
from 12 years
World Premiere
Direction: Malik Chibane

Additional Information

Paris, during World War II: The Jewish boy Maurice Gutman breaks his leg and is brought to a hospital in the Paris suburb of Garches. It is the time when even in France Jews have to wear the yellow star and are exposed to persecution by the Germans. So Maurice watches from the ambulance his family being taken away. But he does not know the exact circumstances. At the clinic, chief physician Dr. Daviel diagnoses a tuberculosis pathogen in Maurice’s leg. The boy will have to spend three years, until the end of the war, in hospital. Maurice attributes this long stay only to his illness. He initially does not know that he is hidden from the German Nazis by Dr. Daviel and senior nurse Véronique, and thus damn lucky. Only when the letters to his family are returned to him, he and his friend Samuel are no longer allowed to speak Yiddish and he even gets a code name, Maurice understands he is in the utmost danger.