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Original title: Mancs
German title: Pfote
92 min
Children´s Film
from 6 years
2015 | German Premiere
Direction: Róbert Adrian Pejó
Script: Katalin Szy, Robert Adrian Pejo
Cast: Zsolt Trill, Tamás Keresztes, László Szacsvay, Orsolya Holecskó


2015 | Children´s Film

Additional Information
Deutsch, Ungarisch
Péter Szatmári
Gergely Roszik
Albert Márkos

A young mother tells her daughter the fairytale-like story of a dog named “Paw”, who lived at a time when the “Trabant” was still a popular means of transportation. Zoli, a father-to-be and a tram technician, receives a young German shepherd as a surprise gift. He names the dog “Paw”. Zoli spends his days impatiently at work, and after his shift in the afternoon he goes to Paw to train him as a rescue dog. Then, finally, Paw can prove his skills by tracking down a missing little boy. The grateful parents ask Zoli to help more people, so he founds a rescue team. One day they learn about an earthquake in Romania. Thereupon Zoli’s team goes there together with other international rescue teams to search for survivors. When all hope has already disappeared, Paw discovers a young child in the ruins of a house. The team starts a rescue operation, which is very risky due to the unstable ruin in danger of collapsing at any moment ...


"Der spannende Film hat uns durch eingespielte Animationen immer wieder zum Lachen gebracht. Es ist ein Film für die gesamte Familie, weil es um alltägliche Probleme geht, die auch wir Tag für Tag erleben." (Europäische Kinderjury, , Europäische Kinderjury

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