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I Love You Very So Much

Original title: Je vous aime très beaucoup
German title: Ich hab Euch ganz viel lieb
91 min
Youth Film , Special Programme
2011 , 2015
from 15 years
2011 | German Premiere
Direction: Philippe Locquet
Script: Claire Renaut
Cast: Firmine Richard, Bruno Lochet, Philippe Duquesne, Albert Delpy, Max Clavelly


2011 | Youth Film

2015 | Special Programme

Additional Information
Deutsch (UT), Englisch (UT)
Romain Winding
Marie-Blanche Colonna
Laurent Sauvagnac
Jean-Dominique Chouchan, Mazel Productions

Eight-year-old Kiddo, 15-year-old Marty and 17-year-old Paul are half-brothers. For the first time they spend their summer holidays together in the country with their grandmother Nonna. This was the wish of their mother, who none of the boys ever met, shortly before she died. While Kiddo is raised by Nonna, Marty lives in an children‘s home. Paul, however, lives with his father and stepmother in a bourgeois home. Simply because of their different socialization and the age difference, the boys find it hard to get used to each other at first, especially since they do not spend their holidays here voluntarily. Fortunately, their grandmother is a forceful and good-natured woman who knows how to tame the boys. Gradually Kiddo, Marty and Paul explore the surroundings and have their first adventures together. When the two older ones fall in love with 17-yearold Juliette, a girl from a wealthy family, and come into conflict with the village youngsters, all three boys experience the most exciting holidays of their lives, and in the end, each of them has grown-up a bit more.


"Trotz einiger dramatischer Momente bleibt der Film in einer wunderbar schwebenden Sommerleichtigkeit. Getragen von vier großartigen Hauptdarstellern weckt er die Hoffnung, dass die drei Jugendlichen ihr Leben glücklicher meistern werden als es ihre Mutter konnte." (BJF)

BJF , o.V.

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