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Original title: Buitenspel
German title: Abseits für Gilles
85 min
Children´s Film , Special Programme
2006 , 2016
from 9 years
Highly Recommended
2006 | German Premiere
Direction: Jan Verheyen
Script: Ed Vanderweyden
Cast: Ilya Van Malderghem, Filip Peeters, Joke Devynck, Peter Bulckaen, Kris Piekaerts


2006 | Children´s Film

2016 | Special Programme

Additional Information
Danny Elsen
Phillipe Ravoet
Jan Leyers

Every weekend all across Belgium, thousands of proud and nervous football fathers cheer their football sons. One of them is Bert, who is only too happy that his 12-year-old son Gilles is a talented and passionate football player. Papa Bert is not just Gilles’ most loyal supporter, he is also his personal coach. Gilles’ ultimate dream and ambition is to run onto the football pitch of the King Baudouin Stadium in the shirt of the Red Devils. But then Bert dies unexpectedly and Gilles’ life crumbles apart. Gilles faces a difficult search in order to find his place in his new life. And will there be any room left for practice, football – and a career as a Red Devil? For Gilles the father is still alive. That’s very important for the boy, because the father trains him continuous. For Gilles new difficulties pile up, and the tips of the father are not always right ...



"In "Abseits für Gilles" wird jedoch der Handlungsschwerpunkt auf das familiäre Schicksal gelegt, um dieses aus kindlicher Sicht zu behandeln. Gilles muss während des Films lernen, sich in der neuen Situation zurechtzufinden, um schließlich den Tod seines Vaters akzeptieren zu können. Trotz der herben Tiefschläge, die Gilles erleiden muss, wirkt der Film jedoch nie erdrückend oder niederschlagend auf die jüngeren Zuschauer." (Jens Hamp, , Jens Hamp

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