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Original title: Kapitan
German title: Der Kapitän
90 min
Junior Film
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
from 11 years
2023 | International Premiere
Direction: Mohammad Hamzei


2023 | Junior Film

Additional Information

Isa lives in the children’s cancer ward of a hospital in Tehran. Illness and treatments increasingly weaken the eleven-year-old boy. But he is always in good spirits, hoping to play in the national football team soon. His idol, international football player Karim Bagheri, actually invites him to a training camp. Isa’s enthusiasm thrills both the children in the ward and the staff. But his father does not want to let his son go because he thinks Isa is too weak. In any case, the father despairs of Isa’s serious illness. He does not quite know how to deal with the boy. Disguised as a clown, he entertains the children of the ward and establishes a new connection to Isa without being recognised. He thereby learns that his son is secretly training in the hospital basement. Isa’s new roommate is called Parveneh and is terrified of going blind. Yet she wants nothing more than to see the sea. For Isa, she is the little sister he has always longed for. He decides to do everything to make Parvaneh’s wish come true, even if he has to sacrifice his own dream for it.



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