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The Tale of the Frog and the Golden Orb

Original title: Das Märchen vom Frosch und der Goldenen Kugel
German title: Das Märchen vom Frosch und der Goldenen Kugel
90 min
German Focus
Germany, Czech Republic
from 8 years
2023 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Ngo The Chau


2023 | German Focus

Additional Information

The brothers Gai and Teo, two swindlers, have a plan: they want to ask for the hand of Princess Griseldis in order to get her dowry. But Gai does not stick to the agreement. He falls in love – with Griseldis’ younger sister Matilda, of all people. This is why he can only half-heartedly solve the tasks Griseldis sets her suitors. The plan fails. In order not to return home without any loot, the younger brother Teo steals King Theoderich’s well-kept golden orb. As a punishment, both brothers are banished and sent to the dreaded shadow forest. There they meet Foxglove, a young fairy who takes pity on unhappy lovers and therefore wants to help Gai. She casts an invisibility spell on him so he can sneak back into the castle and convince Matilda that he truely loves her. But scatterbrained Fairy Foxglove makes a mess of the plan, and Gai is turned into a frog. Only a kiss from the princess can break the spell. Fortunately, Gai the frog can talk. So he sets out on the dangerous journey to the castle in the hope of softening Matilda’s heart.

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