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Original title: Alam
German title: Alam
107 min
Youth Film
Palestinian National Authority, Tunisia, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar
from 15 years
2023 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Firas Khoury


2023 | Youth Film

Additional Information

In a town in Israel, 17-year-old Tamer and his friends lead a quiet life, observing the country’s political tensions from a safe distance. Nevertheless, the memories of his uncle, an imprisoned and physically broken activist, are always on his mind. When he meets beautiful and dedicated Maysaa, he is immediately attracted to her. To impress her, he agrees to take part in a political and quite risky operation: The Israeli flag of their school is to be replaced with the flag of Palestine. This provocative act of resistance is to take place on Israelʼs Independence Day, which is a day of mourning for the Palestinians when they commemorate the “Nakba” – the catastrophe. During the preparations, Tamer and Maysaa get closer. Under her influence, his political consciousness awakens, and he wants to rebel against the oppression of the Palestinian population. The conflict comes to a head, and when the planned protest against the national symbol is due to happen, the group of youths have to show their colours.

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