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Mr. Moll & the Chololate Factory

Original title: Papa Moll
German title: Papa Moll und die Entführung des fliegenden Hundes
90 min
Switzerland, Germany
from 6 years
2018 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Manuel Flurin Hendry
Script: Matthias Pacht
Cast: Stefan Kurt, Isabella Schmid


2018 | German Focus

Additional Information
Felix Novo de Oliveira
Kaya Inan
Impuls Productions, Zodiac Pictures International

Mr. Moll constantly quarrels with his boss, Mr. Stuss, who wants to squeeze ever higher profits out of the chocolate factory, to the detriment of his employees and especially at the expense of quality. Moll’s children Fritz, Evi and Willy, in turn, are chased and robbed by the Stuss siblings on their way to school every day. Now, the bullying even continues at the weekend. Mrs. Moll goes on a spa holiday for a few days and Mr. Moll is ordered by his boss to take care of his children Jackie and Johnny. He spontaneously decides to take them on a planned visit to the circus. On top of that, one catastrophe after another happens in the chocolate factory due to the ordered efficiency enhancement. While Mr. Moll is trying to prevent the worst there, Fritz, Evi and Willy are exposed to the malice of the Stuss children. Soon they start a merciless battle for cotton candy, the flying circus dog Katovl Hundini and a finder’s reward of 2,500 francs.

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