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My Skinny Sister

Original title: Min lilla syster
German title: Stella
95 min
Sweden, Germany
from 12 years
2015 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Sanna Lenken
Script: Sanna Lenken
Cast: Rebecka Josephson, Amy Deasismont


2015 | German Focus

Additional Information
Moritz Schultheiß
Hanna Lejonqvist
Per Störby Jutbring
Tangy, Fortune Cookie Film (Deutschl.)

Chubby, red-haired Stella adores her older sister Katja and emulates her zealously in every way. Katja is slim, ambitious and sporty. Every day the talented figure skater trains at the rink, and at home everything revolves around her and her sport. Stella diligently goes to the figure skating training too, although she does not like it. But there she may be near Katja’s coach who, of all people, the little girl adores. When Stella is once again lying on the bed comfortably with Katja, she tells her older sister about it. But these cosy moments are very rare. Katja snaps at every opportunity. Something is wrong with her! Then Stella discovers on her birthday that Katja has a serious eating disorder. Stella is very worried and wants to tell the unsuspecting parents about it. But Katja blackmails her into not saying anything. Stella is faced with an enormous responsibility that overwhelms her completely. Especially since she is forced to watch her sister’s condition going from bad to worse ...

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