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The Snow Queen

Original title: Die Schneekönigin
German title: Die Schneekönigin
86 min
Germany, Finland
from 7 years
2014 | World Premiere
Direction: Karola Hattop


2014 | German Focus

Additional Information
Kinderfilm GmbH

The neighbourhood kids Kay and Gerda are inseparable. Not a minute goes by without them having thought of one another. Now at the beginning of winter, Kay has even built a heated wooden house for Gerda’s roses, so they can flourish even in the cold season. And winter comes with all its might because the Snow Queen already sends snow storms and iciness across the country. Kay and the other boys would like to meet this mysterious woman, who is said to live in a palace in the far North. However, if she grabs you with her icy hands and kisses you three times, you will be frozen to ice forever – at least this is what Gerda’s grandmother says. But Kay does not believe in such stories, and when the beautiful, icy queen really appears, he sits down in her reindeer-drawn sleigh. Winter goes by and there is still no trace of Kay. Gerda decides to go out into the world to look for her friend. She has to go through many adventures on her dangerous journey to the far North. She makes the acquaintance of a lonely flower fairy who does not want to let the girl leave; she meets a Prince and a Princess who are looking for a playmate, as well as a man-eating gang of robbers. But her affection for Kay helps Gerda not to give up and to overcome all obstacles.

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