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Rockabilly Requiem

Original title: Rockabilly Requiem
German title: Rockabilly Requiem
91 min
from 14 years
FSK: from 12 approved
2016 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Till Müller-Edenborn
Script: Till Müller-Edenborn, Jörg Bruhn
Cast: Ruby O. Fee, Sebastian Tiede, Ben Münchow


2016 | German Focus

Additional Information
Sönke Hansen
Sebastian Thümler
Chris Heyne
WDR, Neue Mira Filmproduktion GmbH

1982 in a German provincial town: Shy Sebastian is a loner. Equipped with his tape recorder he walks through the forest to record rare bird sounds. No suitable hobby to impress girls – as customary at his age. When he befriends punk Debbie and Hubertus, the singer of the “Rebels” rockabilly band, his life changes abruptly. The three of them dream of great love, freedom, independence and the coolness of the 1950s. And they wish nothing more than the “Rebels” to make their breakthrough. But reality is different: especially the boys are constantly affected by the daily grind, the smugness and the narrowness of their provincial town. While Hubertus is exposed to the violence of his authoritarian father, Sebastian’s life focuses on protecting his sister from her alcohol and drug addicted begetter. Their dream of a different life eventually seems to come true when the “Rebels” are asked to accompany a trendy American rockabilly band on their tour of Germany...

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