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Puppetshow: Caliph Stork

Original title: Puppenschau: Kalif Storch
German title: Puppenschau: Kalif Storch
63 min
from 5 years
Direction: Paul Stutenbäumer, Albert Maly-Motta
Script: Märchen nach Wilhelm Hauff


2013 | German Focus

Additional Information
Day For Night, FFF Bayern, Nordmedia

The fairytale staging of Bad Tölz puppet theatre is part of the puppet show, which consists of several puppet theatre plays from Germany, produced for the big screen with a 3D technology specially tailored to children’s eyes. Pepperl received a bad mark at school and therefore has to clean up the attic, where he finds the “book of the 1000 secrets”. This includes, among other things, a guide on how you can bring a carpet to fly. Pepperl immediately tells his good friend Kasperl about this discovery, but the latter thinks it is just rubbish. But when the two of them step on an old carpet and recite the complicated magic word, they actually swirl through the air and fly from Munich to Africa. There they get immediately involved in the next adventure. They overhear a conversation between the dangerous magician Mirza and his assistants Abdul and Achmet who want to enchant the Caliph to come to power themselves. The villains test the magic powder at the gullible strangers, so Pepperl and Kasperl find themselves as a frog and as a stork in the famous fairy tale written by Wilhelm Hauff.

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