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No Fear

Original title: Keine Angst
German title: Keine Angst
88 min
from 14 years
Direction: Aelrun Goette
Script: Martina Mouchot
Cast: Max Hegewald Michelle Barthel, Carolyn Sophia Genzkow, Dagmar Leesch, Frank Giering, Anna Schudt


2009 | German Focus

Additional Information
Matthias bvk Fleischer
Monika Schindler
Enis Rotthoff

Becky is almost thirteen years old. She lives with her alcoholic mother in a high rise housing for socially weak and unstable people. Every day the girl takes care of her three younger siblings. She takes the children to the welfare center, fetches them again, makes dinner. There is no father in the family. Melanie is Becky's best friend, even though the girls could not be more different. Melanie cannot understand Becky’s commitment to the family. She prefers turning boys’ heads, she has them under control. Becky however hopes to find her first love. When Becky is caught on a bus without a ticket, Bente helps her out of the predicament. She immediately falls for the quiet boy and follows him secretly. Becky gets to know a totally different world – a home with a garden and parents. Bente is completely overwhelmed by Becky's sudden appearance. But gradually he learns to appreciate her way. When the 12-year-old comes home that day, it is far too late. The siblings are standing at the locked door of the welfare center when Becky arrives. On her way home she sees the gang attacking her friend Melanie. When Bente’s parents raise the alarm because they do not tolerate their son’s new company, Becky fights for her happiness. But the more she tries to hold it the more it seems to slip out of her hands.

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