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The Hollies

Original title: Die Hollies
German title: Die Hollies
86 min
from 7 years
Direction: Matthias Steurer
Script: Anna Knigge
Cast: Willi Gerk, Dilan Sina Balhan, Daniela Hoffmann, Herbert Trattnigg, Axel Wandtke, Pino Severino-Geysen


2004 | German Focus

Additional Information
Stefan Ditner
Mario Schneider

One shooting star night something falls through Sven's window, rolls under his bed an cheeps. Suddenly it changes into an excitingly lively hologram - the exact image of Sven's soft toy rabbit. The holly requires healthy food and assigns a difficult task. In just five days Sven has to find two other hollies. They can only leave the earth together, or they will die.

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