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Original title: Weltstadt
German title: Weltstadt
109 min
from 14 years
FSK: from 12 approved
Direction: Christian Klandt
Script: Christian Klandt
Cast: Florian Bartholomäi, Gerdy Zint, Karoline Schuch, Hendrik Arnst


2008 | German Focus

Additional Information
René Gorski
Jörg Schreyer
Paul Rischer

Steffi, Heinrich and Günther face the future with fear. They have few chances in their small town, moving away is too great a step. Uncertainty lurks everywhere. But they agree that there have to be some changes and that they themselves must change. Till has just dropped out of his apprenticeship as a painter. He does not fancy it any more. But he does not know either what he wants to do in future. It is all bleak anyway. Karsten has not completed school. Why should he, as there isn’t any future for him anyway, he says. He ensures attention and respect by violence. He therefore has repeatedly fallen foul of the law. At the moment he has to serve social work hours without pay once again, this time in a shelter for the homeless. After a drinking bout Till and Karsten find a sleeping homeless man in the park. When they find that they cannot get anything out of him, they take all their anger, their fears of the future and their aggressions out on this man. Under the influence of alcohol, they even set fire to him. Only Steffi takes action against it. The film tells a true story of a Brandenburg town and its inhabitants.

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