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The Moonbear

Original title: Der Mondbär
German title: Der Mondbär - Das große Kinoabenteuer
80 min
from 4 years
Direction: Mike Maurus, Thomas Bodenstein
Script: Mark Slater, Gabriele M. Walther


2008 | German Focus

Additional Information
Sascha Wolff-Täger, Michael Krotky, Marcus Schmidt
Danny Chang

There is great excitement in the forest. The moon has disappeared! Badger, frog, duck and ladybird are in the dark. It is really pitch dark. Suddenly they discover that a bright light shines in moonbear’s house. How is this possible? While the others worry about the moon which disappeared, moonbear and the moon sit peacefully at the table and play draughts. Badger, frog, duck and ladybird are outraged. The moon must return to the sky immediately. But how can they arrange this? And while they are discussing how to do it, the moon falls asleep. Not even a thunderclap can wake him up. Perhaps the sun bird can do it. The animals set out searching for the yellow bird, which is not easy either. But soon the animals must realize that the sun bird can only wake up the sun. But if this is so, the moonbear should .... And he immediately goes in search of a suitable song.

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