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The Mystery of Morphus

Original title: Das Morphus-Geheimnis
German title: Das Morphus-Geheimnis
90 min
Switzerland, Germany
from 8 years
Direction: Karola Hattop
Script: Andrzej Maleszka, Joshua Sinclair
Cast: Jonas Hämmerle, Michael Roll, Oliver Korittke, Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey, Magali Greif, Charlotte Crome


2008 | German Focus

Additional Information
Sebastian Richter
Eike Hosenfeld, Moritz Denis

Nicki gets into trouble. By chance, the sheet of music containing Ludwig van Beethoven’s last unfinished composition ends up in the school bag of ten-year-old Nicki. This piece of music is called “Morphus“ and according to Fama, its melody has magical forces. Nicki does not suspect anything of that when he goes on a winter holiday with his father and takes the sheet with him. Nicki’s father wants to spend an adventurous holiday with his son. The next few days become very turbulent indeed. Just after arriving in their holiday hotel, Nicki plays the melody on his trumpet. Suddenly all people around him fall asleep, as in Sleeping Beauty. Only the gangsters who are on his heels know the secret. When Nicki started to play, they put their hands over their ears. Only one person of Beethoven‘s close relatives knew the secret. His descendant, however, does not have any good intentions for using this knowledge, as it is quite easy to rob sleeping people. In search of the solution Nicki surpasses himself. And finally he knows that he has to play the melody backwards to wake people up again. So some exciting days pass. The father would be proud of his son. Only that his father - enchanted by the “Morphus“ melody – is sleeping the whole time and unaware of what is going on.

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