25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020

Mein Baumzuhause

Original title: Shù shàng yǒu gè hǎo dìfāng
International title: The Home in the Tree
96 min
Children´s Film
from 9 years
German Premiere
Direction: Zhang Zhonghua
Script: Zhang Zhonghua

Additional Information

Chinese school children are under an enormous pressure to perform well. In the small village school, where the boy Ba-Wang is a student, texts are memorised and recited even during the breaks. Soon the major comparison test will take place and the director demands one of the best results in the country. Ba-Wang does not care about all this hustle and bustle. He is a teaser, takes it easy and prefers splashing around to swotting. His parents and teachers do not like his attitude and his poor marks. But when young teacher Ms Wen comes to his school, the class clown’s life changes. She sees him as a creative boy who needs assurance in order to develop his talents. She encourages him and gives him responsibility. His marks improve and he even wins an award. But when Ms Wen’s boyfriend shows up, Ba-Wang is seized by jealousy – and this has serious consequences.