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27th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

23 – 30 SEP 2023

Spike Island

Original title: Spike Island
German title: Spike Island
97 min
Youth Film
from 14 years
2013 | German Premiere
Direction: Mat Whitecross
Script: Chris Coghill
Cast: Chris Coghill, Elliott Tittensor, Matthew McNulty, Emilia Clarke, Lesley Manville, Nico Mirallegro, Oliver Heald, Adam Long, Jordon Murphy


2013 | Youth Film

Additional Information
Christopher Ross
Peter Christelis
Ilan Eshkeri, Tim Wheeler
Esther Douglas, Nicky Earnshaw

Manchester 1990: Tits, Dodge, Zippy, Little Gaz and Penfold are the best friends and they have four guitars and a garage. There, their band, the indie-band “Shadowcaster”, is practicing regularly. The five friends also connect the “zero-ambition”-attitude concerning the school and the MSA, the complicated relation with their parents and most of all the worship of one of the most important bands of the Madchester-movement: “The Stone Roses”. When Tits, Dodge, Zippy, Little Gaz and Penfold hear that this band plays a concert on the Irish Island Spike Island in May, there is no holdingback for the boys. They have to go there and hand over their band-demo tape to the singer Ian Brown. The only thing is that they have no car, no tickets for the already sold-out concert and actually no money. First, through a trick, they “borrow” a van and later they travel constrained in the luggage hold of a bus and ... really make it to Spike Island. But there the problems just started!

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