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The Substitute

Original title: Vikaren
German title: Die Vertretungslehrerin
93 min
Junior Film
from 13 years
2007 | German Premiere
Direction: Ole Bornedal
Script: Ole Bornedal, Henrik Prip
Cast: Paprika Steen, Ulrich Thomsen, Jonas Wandschneider, Jakob Fals Nygaard


2007 | Junior Film

Additional Information
Dan Laustsen
Thomas Krag
Marco Beltrami

She seems to be able to read the children’s minds and she does not behave like a normal adult - Ulla Harms, the substitute teacher of the sixth class. She treats the children coldly and disparagingly. Without mercy, she has them write one test after the other. In the presence of parents, she pretends to be the friendliest and most understanding teacher in the world. Carl, who only lives with his father after his mother died, watches the whole situation suspiciously. Even more so, when Ms Harms approaches his father, Carl is firmly convinced that the teacher is an alien. But no one believes him. Neither do the other parents take the statements of their children seriously. They think their juniors play too many video games, watch too much TV and their imagination just runs wild. The children begin to spy on Ulla Harms and make a terrible discovery. But still nobody believes them. During the class excursion, allegedly to Paris, it becomes more and more obvious to the children that their teacher is an alien. When the bus makes a stop on a chicken farm, the situation is escalating. In the meantime the parents have collected sufficient indications that support the statements of their children. Will they still be able to help?

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