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Echo To Delta

Original title: Echo à Delta
German title: Echo an Delta - bitte kommen!
91 min
Junior Film
from 12 years
2023 | International Premiere
Direction: Patrick Boivin


2023 | Junior Film

Additional Information

Etienne and David from rural Canada are excited by the idea that there are extra-terrestrial civilisations somewhere in space. They eagerly watch videos of UFO sightings and the video blog of ufologist UFOna on the Internet. The brothers use their walkie-talkies not only to communicate with each other, but also to try and make contact with aliens. When they are out on a stormy night with their dog Chewy looking for alien signals, David is struck by lightning and dies. Etienne regains consciousness in hospital. His father tells him that his younger brother is now in heaven. But Etienne doubts David’s death. He is convinced that aliens have abducted his brother in their UFO and will bring him back soon. He interprets all attempts by his parents and his psychologist to convince him otherwise as signs of a conspiracy. Obviously, a powerful secret organisation wants to cover up the incident and has already erased his parents’ memories. Day after day, Etienne sends a radio message into space and hopes for an answer from David.

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