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New Tales of Franz

Original title: Neue Geschichten vom Franz
German title: Neue Geschichten vom Franz
72 min
German Focus
Germany, Austria
from 9 years
2023 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Johannes Schmid


2023 | German Focus

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Franz is ten years old now and has a problem once again. It is still a small one. His best friend Gabi is always arguing with his best friend Eberhard, so they want Franz to choose - either Gabi or Eberhard. His trick of keeping separate appointment calendars and meeting his friends secretly does not work. His dad says: “The strongest bond of a friendship is the common enemy”. This gives Franz a great idea. Since burglars make trouble in the area and Gabi would like to become a detective, Franz suggests going on a manhunt. The “common enemy” might even be their strange neighbour Mrs Berger. Not only does she carry around a handbag full of pearl necklaces, she also visits dodgy quarters of Vienna in the evenings. So Franz, Gabi and Eberhard start their investigation, observe Mrs Berger and even cheat their way into her flat. But at that point, Franz already knows that she is not a burglar. And the small problem develops into a really big one.

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