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Rosa and The Stone Troll

Original title: Roselil og stentrolden
German title: Rosa und der Steintroll
75 min
Animated Film
from 5 years
2023 | German Premiere
Direction: Karla Holmbäck


2023 | Animated Film

Additional Information

Rosa, the little flower fairy, lives in a rosebush in beautiful Summerland, where animals and mythical creatures live together in harmony. Every day Rosa uses her magic wand to make sure that the rose blooms open in the morning and close again in the evening. But she often feels lonely. None of the busy animals finds the time to play with her. Then she meets Silk, a blue butterfly. In contrast to timid Rosa, Silk is fearless and full of drive. Despite their differences, the two of them quickly become best friends. When a stone troll settles in the nearby forest and gradually turns the inhabitants of Summerland into stones, the elf king calls a conference. They are to discuss how to deal with the uninvited guest. Rosa, Silk and their friends Dunder and Wise Owl also take part. It is quickly decided that the intruder has to be destroyed. But after Rosa happens to observe the stone troll and sees that he is desperately lonely, she wonders if there might be a better solution.


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