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Lassie - A New Adventure

Original title: Lassie - Ein Neues Abenteuer
German title: Lassie - Ein Neues Abenteuer
92 min
German Focus
from 7 years
2023 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Hanno Olderdissen


2023 | German Focus

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Flo will not leave his beloved Collie dog alone again. He therefore renounces the holiday trip to Gran Canaria with his parents and takes Lassie to stay with aunt Cosima in South Tyrol. Cosima has only recently taken in two foster children: Kleo and her younger brother Henri. Kleo behaves very dismissively towards everyone. She only lets little Pippa, Cosima’s Jack Russell Terrier, get close to her. Then more and more dogs go missing in the area. One day Pippa also disappears. Although Flo and Lassie were at home, their house was broken into, and the Jack Russell was kidnapped. Kleo blames Flo for not having heard the thieves and suggests using Lassie as a bait. And indeed, the clever Collie dog lays a secret trail leading to the dog thieves’ hiding place. Just as they suspected, the thieves are the two employees of Grand Hotel Sternberg. They are planning to hold a secret dog auction there and present Pippa as their great star. This is why they do not need troublemakers like Flo and Kleo, so they try everything to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

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