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Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom

Original title: Kin no kuni Mizu no kuni
German title: Das Königreich des Goldes und des Wassers
116 min
Animated Film
from 10 years
2023 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Kotono Watanabe


2023 | Animated Film

Additional Information

For ages, the relationship between the two kingdoms of Alhamit and Baikari has been characterised by quarrels and enmity, the smouldering conflicts likely to end in wars again and again. To keep the peace, the heads of the two states decide to send the most beautiful woman from Alhamit and the cleverest man from Baikari to the other country. With these two arranged marriages, a permanent pact is to be forged. This does not please everyone in the two kingdoms, and intrigues prevent the unions. But two of the chosen candidates, princess Sara and scholar Naranbayar, meet again by chance. A moving romance begins, in the course of which the couple end up not only making peace, but helping both countries – one rich in gold, the other one rich in water – to achieve happiness and prosperity. They complement each other’s resources by working together. Construction and environmental projects replace battlefield turmoil; and a hymn to peace and mutual tolerance rings out.


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