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Sweet Potato Flavored Ice Cream

Original title: Di Gua Wei De Bing Ji Ling
German title: Eiscreme mit Süßkartoffelgeschmack
98 min
Children´s Film
from 9 years
2022 | International Premiere
Direction: Wang Chong


2022 | Children´s Film

Additional Information

With lots of suitcases and huge headphones on his ears, Biubiu goes to the country. For the first time, he will spend his holidays with his grandmother and uncle. Actually, his mother wanted to show him where she grew up, but now she had to go to hospital. For Biubiu, everything here is so different, so unfamiliar. There is the old motorbike his uncle rides around on! And he even has to eat fried insects! But that’s not all, the boys in the village bully him. Biubiu is not even allowed to enter “their” forest because he is a stranger and speaks differently. But the boy from Taiwan is not shaken off that easily. Then the village children hide his Game Boy on a boat. While retrieving it, Biubiu falls into the water and almost drowns. A man rescues him and wants to know how this could have happened. Biubiu does not betray the boys. Nevertheless, he is still not accepted into the gang. First, he has to pass a test of courage and dismantle the wheels from his uncleʼs motorbike. Biubiu has to think of something to impress the gang leader without upsetting his uncle too much. 

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