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A Second Life

Original title: Gadeha
German title: Ein Neues Leben
93 min
Junior Film
from 13 years
2022 | German Premiere
Direction: Anis Lassoued
Script: Anis Lassoued, Chema Ben Chaabene


2022 | Junior Film

Additional Information
Kahena Attia, Sofiene Charrad

Gadeha’s destitute family lives in a poor neighbourhood of the city. When the twelve-year-old is out on the beach with his friends, they steal a smartphone and the boys have to flee from the police. Gadeha runs onto the street and is hit by a car. He regains consciousness in hospital, and suddenly everything is different. His mother and sister have moved into the house of Malika and Moez. The wealthy couple not only support the family financially and paid Gadeha’s hospital costs, they even treat the boy like their child. When their own son Oussama is also discharged from hospital after a successful organ transplant, the two boys quickly become friends. Oussama teaches Gadeha archery, Gadeha takes Oussama to the beach and introduces him to his friends. But some dark secret seems to weigh on everything. Again and again, Gadeha sees the three adults whispering conspiratorially to each other in the house. In one of his motherʼs drawers, he finds a large sum of money. But his mother sidesteps his questions. Slowly, a terrible suspicion grows in Gadeha. 

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