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Icarus and the Minotaur

Original title: Icare
German title: Ikarus und der Minotaurus
76 min
Animated Film
Luxembourg, Belgium, France
from 10 years
2022 | German Premiere
Direction: Carlo Vogele


2022 | Animated Film

Additional Information

Icarus, son of the famous inventor and builder Daidalos, lived on the island of Crete a long, long time ago. One day, while roaming around near the palace of Knossos, he discovers a boy with a bull’s head, a Minotaur. His name is Asterios, and he has been banished to a cave by order of King Minos. Day after day, Icarus secretly visits his new friend. They play, romp, gaze into the starry night – in short, they spend an exciting time together. And while the Minotaur is constantly growing, Daidalos is working on a prison in the form of a labyrinth commissioned by King Minos. Asterios is to be locked up in it forever. Thus, Icarus not only loses his best friend, but also trust in his beloved father. But that is not all: Prince Theseus comes to Crete with the intention of killing the Minotaur monster. Icarus does everything in his power to save his friend. With all his strength, he goes against the will of the gods in order to be close to Asterios forever.

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