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Maurice, der Kater

Original title: The Amazing Maurice
German title: Maurice, der Kater
93 min
German Focus
Germany, UK
from 9 years
2023 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Toby Genkel


2023 | German Focus

Additional Information

The cunning tomcat Maurice has developed a clever business idea: For a good fee, he and the young flute player Keith rid the villages of an alleged plague of rats. No one suspects that the two of them are in cahoots with the rodents. Sardines, Peaches, Dangerous Beans and the other rats with slightly strange names are on a quest to find Paradise Island, where there is no poison and no traps, and where people and animals live side by side, just like in the picture book “Mr. Bunnsy Has An Adventure”. The jittery storyteller Malicia also likes reading from it. She is the daughter of the mayor of Bad Blintz, where strange things have been happening lately. Although there are no rats here, all the food is disappearing without a trace. Maurice, Keith and the rats want to find out what is behind it. They are joined by Malicia, who is addicted to exciting, but also romantic stories. But in Bad Blintz, only dangerous adventures await them at first, for sinister creatures are up to mischief in the cellars and sewers beneath the town.


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