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27th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

8 – 15 OCT 2022

WINDOW TO THE WORLD – Project Presentations in Various Production Stages

The project workshop Window to the World throws its glance out into the world to focus on projects in various stages of production. This section of SCHLiNGEL’s INDUSTRY FORUM, therefore, offers the opportunity for presenters to find distributors or future partners to co-produce.

Not only will these presentations be presented to the expert audience on-site, but those holding an accreditation will have access to them online. After the projects are presented, the filmmakers themselves will have a chance to speak.

The project workshop will take place on Tuesday, 12th October 2021, at the Chemnitzer Hof.

Moderated by: Nina Ritter 


South Africa | Screenplay: Hanneke Schutte

Hanneke Schutte is an award-winning South African author and director. Her film “Meerkat Moonship“ won numerous awards and was invited to many international festivals. Her new project “Drummies“, which will be carried out by The Film Factory South Africa and produced by Dries Scholtz, is expected to hit cinemas in 2023.

Yayë: Amazon Dancer

Ecuador | Screenplay by Diana Molina, Jacob Valladares

This project by Tinamú Films and writers Diana Molina and Jacob Valladares is about Yayë, who faces several obstacles that allow her to grow and discover her inner strength. By dancing and following her passion, Yayë sets an example that girls can overcome any obstacle and that education is a powerful tool to empower girls and boys around the world.

Rita and the Astronaut’s Manuel

Brazil | Screenplay by Vinicius Campos

“Rita and the Astronaut’s Manual” by Vinicius Campos was recently published by Editora Melhoramentos and targets the age group of eight to twelve-year-olds. The opportunity to screen adapt the book into a feature film will let the story take on new heights and bring the main character, Rita, closer to the viewer. This project is carried out by Loma Filmes Sao Paulo.

The Tesla Case

Bulgaria | Director Andrey Hadjivasilev

After the success of “The Curie Case” and mainly because of its positive feedback from its young audience, it’s time to present the sequel “The Tesla Case”. Director and producer Andrey Hadjivasilev from Revive Vision Sofia will present the project in Chemnitz.