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28th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

23 – 30 SEP 2023



– Project Presentations in Various Production Stages


The project workshop Window to the World throws its glance out into the world to focus on projects in various stages of production. This section of SCHLiNGEL's INDUSTRY FORUM, therefore, offers the opportunity for presenters to find distributors or future partners to co-produce. 

After the projects are presented, the filmmakers themselves will have a chance to speak. Parts of the event will also be made available digitally to the accredited specialist audience.

The project workshop will take place on Monday, 10th October 2022, at 2 pm at the Hotel Chemnitzer Hof.
Moderated by: Nina Ritter 


Bulgaria | Screenplay: Andrey Hadjivasilev

Teenager and mischief-maker Yan befriends the little devil Fiut, who was threatened with punishment for not being able to cause enough mischief. Yan promises the devil to teach him how to make real mischief. After a few pranks, Fiut returns to his parents in the devil's kingdom, where his parents learn of Yan's talent for mischief and try to get him to accept the Devil Essence. Director Andrey Hadjivasilev will personally talk about his project and be available for questions.


Columbia | Screenplay: Marcela Rincón González

Dominga is a nine year-old girl who, along with her family, has been forcibly displaced from her village by the sea. Far from the ocean, they have a hard time adapting. Dominga misses her days by the sea, when her father was still alive and she played with her friends. To feel close to the sea, Dominga sings songs from the Colombian Pacific coast even while she also struggles with an inner fear that manifests itself in the form of a shadow that appears in her dreams. One afternoon, Dominga meets Luis, an urban boy who suggests to take a trip to the sea. This project will be presented by Marcela Rincón González with an online Q&A afterwards.

FILMING IN MEXIKO – Case Study by Ana Laura Calderón

Ana Laura Calderón is a Mexican/Spanish film director, producer, screenwriter and editor.  She is the director and producer of the award-winning “MEZQUITE’S HEART”, now on HBO, the editor of “AMARAICA”, also on HBO max, and the producer of “CHILANGOLANDIA”, film nominated in 2021 for seven CANACINE annual awards (National Chamber of  the Film Industry). Ana Laura graduated from the prestigious EICTV (Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV) in Cuba and got her Bachelor´s degree in Cinematography at CCC (Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica) in Mexico.

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