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26th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

9 – 16 OCT 2021

Pitch Your Treatment @SCHLiNGEL Industry Forum

Pitch Your Treatment @ IFF SCHLiNGEL

The SCHLiNGEL has its first pitching winner

The winner of the new project "Pitch Your Treatment" within the framework of the SCHLiNGEL Industry Forum has been determined: "THE WHISPER OF THE SEA" from Columbia wins the 5,000 Euro prize money, which was awarded by a three-member expert jury. In addition, a honorable mention goes to "KING ZOO" from Canada.

Only one of the shown projects could pitch live in Chemnitz. All others were able to pitch via live transmission. Accredited experts could also follow the event online.

And this is how the expert jury justified its decision:

In the pitching competition, the jury gave a honorable mention: The pitch of "KING ZOO", a poetic story about the last Tasmanian tiger which is helped by a Tasmanian devil and many other animal characters, deserves special attention.

The prize for the best pitch goes to Marcela Rincon Gonzalez for "THE WHISPER OF THE SEA".

In her well-structured presentation, she introduced us to the touching story of 9-year-old Dominga, and the first designs of this animated film allowed us to dive right into the world of this courageous girl. The film is an adventure story with a serious background - the repression and expropriation of families in Colombia. We believe that even challenging themes like these should be shown in children's films, especially when - as in "THE WHISPER OF THE SEA" - they are told through positive, bright characters with a hopeful ending. We see a great international potential for the story and the look of the animation and are curious to see how the journey of Dominga, her new boyfriend and the grandma in tow will develop further.

The decision of the children jury is pending

It was planned that the submitted projects from Chile, Germany, Canada, Columbia, Sweden and Hungary would be presented to a jury of experts and a jury of children. The children's jury awarded a service from ARRI Media worth 5,000 euros. Unfortunately, this pitching had to be postponed at short notice as the children, all from one school class, were in quarantine at the time of the SCHLINGEL Industry Forum. A catch-up date will be announced as soon as possible.

And that was the independent jury:

„Wüstenmärchen“ (Germany)

This project will be presented by Benjamin Biehn & Moritz Mayerhofer.

Benjamin Biehn is a German screenwriter. His comedy books have been nominated twice for the Hessian Screenplay Prize in 2007 and 2008. He also worked on various screenplays before joining the studio Bavaria in 2008 and writing film scripts for them. Most recently, he has worked on teenage comedies and sold two series to broadcasters.

Moritz Mayerhofer, who grew up in Cairo and the Bavarian Forest, is a director and producer of award-winning animated short films. He started making films in 1995 and after his studies (2003-2009) at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy and Gobelins (Paris), he founded the animation studio studioNICE in 2012.

„Twinkle“ (Sweden)

This project will be presented by Torbjörn Jansson.

Over the past 25 years Torbjörn Jansson has developed international content for children in all media and on all platforms. His work includes animated adaptations such as "Petterson & Findus" and "Bjorn Bear" as well as original titles such as "Creepschool" and "Micropunks". He has also written four published animated films and a live-action musical, "Krakel Spektakel".

„Plitschplatsch“ (Germany)

This project will be presented by Anette Unger.

After studying cultural studies and English literature, Anette Unger worked as an editor at NDR Radio & Television. From 2004 to 2011, she was responsible for location development and film & media promotion at nordmedia. As a producer she was in charge of numerous projects (e.g. for Bremedia Produktion & Riva Filmproduktion), since 2016 she is producer of LEITWOLF FILMPRODUKTION.

„How I accidentally wrote a book“ (Hungary)

This project will be presented by Nóra Lakos.

Nóra Lakos is a Hungarian film director. She has directed award-winning short films and television series. Besides making films, Lakos has founded Cinemira - the first international children's film festival in Hungary. She also founded the Children's Film Academy, where she leads film and animation workshops for children aged 10-18.

„Paul und die Weihnachtsrolle – Der große Geschenke-Klau“ (Germany)

This project will be presented by Nana-Andrea Meyer.

Nana Meyer trained as an editor and worked as an editor for cinema and television films until 2003. At the same time, she completed various internships in film productions, copy shops and sound studios. Since 2004, she has been working as an author for film and television and in the development of first aid and edutainment concepts and brochures for children for the DRK and Beiersdorf AG, among others.

„It's raining Cats and Dogs“ (Chile)

This project will be presented by Michelle Bossy.

Michelle Bossy Nicolai is a Chilean Cinematographer. Currently she lives in Santiago de Chile and works as director, cinematographer, camerawoman, still photographer, audiovisual project consultant, teacher, and executive producer for several productions in artistic and audiovisual disciplines.

“King Zoo“ (Canada)

This project will be presented by Adrien Bodson.

The award-winning Canadian screenwriter Adrien Bodson has built up an excellent reputation in the entertainment industry. His creative output includes over 60 hours of prime time TV content ("Au coeur du cinéma québécois").

“Long Ride Home” (Canada)

This project will be presented by Sean Cisterna.

Sean Cisterna is a multiple award-winning Canadian filmmaker who has directed several successful feature films, including "Kiss and Cry" (2017). Cisterna is also a successful television producer and director and is currently working with TLN Television and Corus Entertainment on the new pre-school series "My Name is Ripley".

„The Whisper of the Sea“ (Columbia)

This project will be presented by Marcela Rincón González.

Marcela Rincón González is a journalist specialised in scriptwriting for cinema and television and is the founder and project manager of Fosfenos Media, a production company based in Cali - Colombia.

The organisers are looking forward to the following members of the expert jury:

Antonio Exacoustos

Antonio Exacoustos is a German film producer and the head of international sales and productions at ARRI MEDIA. He has also worked for various professional organisations and has been co-producer of over 40 German feature film productions since 2000.

Kim Strobl

Kim Strobl is an award-winning Austrian filmmaker. After 11 years in London she is currently living in Innsbruck, Austria again. She has a BA in Film & Television Production from the University in Westminster, as well as a Diploma for Advanced Directing from the Central Film School London, where she received the Best Director Award for her graduation film “Loose Ends”.

Egmont Elschner

Egmont Elschner is a media psychologist and specialist for Media Didactics. He worked in different functions at several German theatres, amongst them as assistant director, director, actor, dramatic adviser and theatre manager. From 1999 to 2010, he was Head of the Studio of the Saxon Broadcast Channel for Education in Chemnitz (SAEK). He also worked as a guest lecturer for several educational institutions.

Project Coordinator

Franziska Winter