25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020

The Legend of the Christmas Witch

Original title: La Befana vien di notte
German title: Unsere Lehrerin, die Weihnachtshexe
100 min
Junior Film
Italy, Spain
from 11 years
German Premiere
Direction: Michele Soavi
Script: Nicola Guaglianone
Actor: Paola Cortellesi, Stefano Fresi


Cinestar Galerie Roter Turm | 09.10.2019 | 08:15

Cinestar Galerie Roter Turm | 10.10.2019 | 15:00

Cinestar Galerie Roter Turm | 12.10.2019 | 10:00

Paola seems to be a pretty, caring teacher who lives a normal life. However, she has a big secret: at night she turns into hook-nosed Christmas witch Befana who brings children presents riding on her broom. For 500 years, this has been her task which she loves more than anything else despite the stress. The children and their secret desires mean the world to her.