25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020

All I Want for Christmas

Original title: Julemandens datter
German title: Lucia und der Weihnachtsmann
93 min
Children´s Film
from 8 years
German Premiere
Direction: Christian Dyekjær
Script: Uffe Rorbaek
Actor: Martin Buch, Mia Lyhne


Cinestar Galerie Roter Turm | 07.10.2019 | 08:15

Lucia is a very special girl. Her father Julius is the Danish Santa Claus and Lucia later wants to follow in his footsteps. Unfortunately, she as a girl is not allowed to become Santa Claus. Although Lucia attends International Christmas School, she has to learn to knit socks and bake instead of climbing through chimneys like the boys.