25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020

A Story 'bout Love

Original title: A Gschicht über d'Lieb
German title: A Gschicht über d'Lieb
97 min
German Focus
from 16 years
Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Peter Evers
Script: Peter Evers
Actor: Merlin Rose, Svenja Jung


Cinestar Galerie Roter Turm | 09.10.2019 | 18:00

At the beginning of the 1950s in the Baden-Wuerttemberg village of Sankt Peter: Since the death of his wife, the Bacher farmer, who strictly lives according to traditional rules, has become increasingly bitter. He sometimes vents his anger on his children Maria and Gregor, who are thick as thieves. Although Maria works hard from morning till night and Gregor also helps at the inn, the farm becomes too much for old Bacher.