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Young film experts wanted!


End of application deadline: 1st march 2020

You are between 10 and 18 years old, like to go to the cinema, discussing films with your peers and you are from Chemnitz or the surrounding area? Then our two projects "YoUCi - Young Urban Cinema" and the "FBW Youth Film Jury" are the right choice for you.
Even before everyone else, i.e. before the nationwide cinema or home entertainment start, you will get the chance to see the latest cinema films and give possible film tips to others.

Why, wherefore, how come?

Nobody likes to waste their valuable free time with lousy, boring and badly played films. So where do you find out what is really worth seeing? This is where our two projects come into play. Together with other jury members, you check in writing (FBW Youth Film Jury) or via video criticism (YoUCi) which films need to be seen by your peers or which ones they should keep their hands off.

Wie sieht die Juryarbeit aus?

Before you start, you will work out the evaluation criteria for the films to be evaluated in a weekend workshop together with the jury group and a media educator. You will get a first insight into the work of a jury and an explanation of important technical terms from the film industry. It would be nice if you could accompany the project for a longer period of time afterwards. Only in this way you will have the chance to grow together with the other participants as a permanent team and get to know them well.

The meetings for film viewing take place 1 or 2 times a month in Chemnitz, either in the afternoon after school or on weekends. The film discussions take place in writing on a PC or verbally in front of a camera. The assessments and judgements are published on the website of our partner FBW (Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung Wiesbaden) or on our platform

From time to time, newspapers, magazines and platforms also report on the jury work. It is therefore important that your parents give their consent and approval!

How can you join in/ be a part of this?

It is easy: Fill out the application form at and write us a short film review about your favourite film. It does not have to be up to date, a film from the last few years is perfectly fine. Write us what you like so much about the film. Were the actors great? Was the film especially funny, exciting, scary or full of action? Was the landscape beautiful in which the film took place? Did the music match? Was the story gripping? Or were there perhaps individual things that weren't that good?

We will contact you after the application deadline. And with a little luck you will soon be a new member of our film jury in one of the two projects!

Media education for the project is provided by:

Kristin Liebig

Filmfestival SCHLINGEL
Neefestraße 99
09119 Chemnitz

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