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The Winners of the Short Film Award


During the International Filmfestival for Children and Young Audience SCHLINGEL, the winners of the competition category short films were awarded within the short film programme “The Long Night of Short Films” (27 films from 16 countries). The ceremony took place at Kino Metropol Chemnitz.

The expert jury for short and animation films, consisting of Susann Arnold (Leipzig), Jana Endruschat (Dresden), Sabine Scholze (Dresden) and Ines Wolter (Chemnitz) assigns the following short-film awards:

Short Film Award National
endowed by Filmverband Sachsen with 500€
THE MECHANISM OR: HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF (Direction: Michael Chlebusch, Germany, 11 min., 2017)

In a magical scenery the audience slides through choreographic living worlds, which are staged with gears, machines and idiosyncratic characters. As a plea for enlightened humanism, the responsibility for solidarity and the reflection of the narrow line between self-sacrifice and individual responsibility are negotiated. The world’s miniaturization is wisely implemented with the help of stop motion and real actors.

Laudatory Mention: “Princess” (Direction: Karsten Dahlem, Germany, 16 min., 2017)

Short Film Award International
endowed by Filmverband Sachsen with 500€
BÚI (Direction: Inga Lísa Middleton, Iceland, 13 min., 2016)

With straightforward sequences and a lot of empathy she goes into the psyche of her young protagonist Anna to ensure an effective storyline, which creates a convincing climax with visually adequate imagines. A brave girl, who does not only fight witches, but also a far more powerful opponent – her own fear! A heroine everyone can identify with is created.

Laudatory Mention: “Jail Quarters” (Direction: Pascal Marc, France, 14 min., 2016)

Animated Short Film Award National
endowed by AG Animationsfilm with 500€
HURRY UP, HEROLD! (Direction: Francie Liebschner, Germany, 8 min., 2016)

To face ones very own fears and challenges is repeatedly a topic in songs and of course films. Dad and superman-costume-wearer Herold wants to become a superhero, but it is more difficult than thought to make his daughter’s wish come true. In 13 adventures he needs to prove that he is an appropriate superhero. Not only the funnily drawn figures and strange scenes make the audience smile, but also the rhymes, with the help of which the 8 minutes story is told.

Animated Short Film Award International
endowed by AG Animationsfilm with 500€
SPIDER WEB (Direction: Natalja Tschernyschewa, Russia, 4 min., 2016)

A short, but delicate animated feature film, which tells a funny but also emotional story. It is about no less than conquering prejudices and a friendship, in which the “form of existence” has no meaning. The film is particularly in black and white and with a few, well-chosen colors accentuated. A strong story for big and little, in which even an average housefly gets a second chance.

Laudatory Mention: “Tex” (Direction: Joost van den Bosch, Erik Verkerk, Hans Walther, Netherlands, 25 min., 2016)

The festive award ceremony of the long feature and animation films will take place on Saturday, September 30, 2017 at Stadthalle Chemnitz in the “Kleine Saal”.

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