25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

12 – 18 OCT 2020

SCHLINGEL goes Uzbekistan

From 27 April until 6 May festival director Michael Harbauer stayed in Tashkent and Samarkand / Uzbekistan to present 14 German productions in the context of the 2nd film festival “Shum Bola“ (= Schlingel, cheeky boy).
Amongst others classics like “The Flying Classroom“ or “Hands Off Mississippi“ as well as new films like “Pinocchio“ and “The Pasta Detectives“ have been shown, all in German language with Russian subtitles or Russian voice over. The animated film “Pettson and Findus - A Litttle Nuisance, A Great Friendship" was synchronised in Russian language especially for the “Shum Bola“ film festival.
Michael Harbauer was accompanied by the German director Frederik Steiner who was honored with the DEFA Foundation Award for his film “Zurich“ last year during SCHLINGE film festival. His film was shown in Tashkent, too.
After Michael Harbauer travelled already to the premiere of the festival in 2014, he was happy that this event continued this year: “It was a great pleasure for me to be there for the second time and to have the chance to give the audience an insight into the German film scene.”
The festival was organized by the Goethe-Institut Tashkent in cooperation with the IFF SCHLINGEL and German Films. About 5000 enthusiastic kids visited the several screenings.