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Michael Harbauer becomes board member of CIFEJ


The promotion of children's and youth films from all over the world has been a matter close to the heart of Michael Harbauer, festival director of the SCHLINGEL for 25 years. This becomes particularly visible in Chemnitz during the week before the autumn vacations, when thousands of schoolchildren rush into the cinemas to see special films from all over the world. However, the team around the cineaste is active all year round and worldwide. Now Michael Harbauer was elected yesterday (Sunday) as member of the "Board of Directors" of the "Centre international du film pour l'enfance et la jeunesse" (abbreviated as CIFEJ) or in English: "International Centre of Films for Children and Young People".

"I am happy about the election and look forward to working for CIFEJ. Especially this year, networks like CIFEJ are indispensable in order not to lose contacts. Now more than ever it is important to work together to ensure that film and especially productions for the young generation can overcome cultural and language barriers," said the festival director. "Film has the gift of seeing the world through foreign eyes. It is precisely this change of perspective that manages to break down prejudices and prevent resentment from arising in the first place", Michael Harbauer continues.

CIFEJ is the only global network of audiovisual media professionals that addresses children and young people. The goal of CIFEJ is to promote the production of these media, which are culturally diverse, artistic, educational, informative and at the same time entertaining. The focus is always that the productions are specifically aimed at children and young people.

Michael Harbauer received the second-highest vote of 44 out of 50 possible votes. The new board includes 7 members from Greece, Iran, USA, Spain, India, Mauritius and with the festival director from Chemnitz now also from Germany.

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