25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

12 – 18 OCT 2020

Film festival SCHLINGEL cooperates with children’s film festival in Seattle

The International Film Festival SCHLINGEL is proud to present a new partner at his side. In the future SCHLINGEL will cooperate with the children’s film festival in Seattle. A corresponding agreement was now made in Seattle.

Michael Harbauer, director of SCHLINGEL, returned from his journey to the northwest of the United States full of joy and positive impressions: “the festival is quite comparable with SCHLINGEL: international productions worth seeing, film premieres, school cinema and workshops for prospective filmmakers as well as many little cineastes who eagerly enter the cinemas.

In 2017 SCHLINGEL is going to present German children’s films from the ‘Blickpunkt Deutschland’ (‘Focus Germany’) competition in the United States and show the diversity of the German children’s and youth films industry. The large German-speaking community in Seattle offers a good basis for it.” The festival director Liz Shepherd will select the films in fall in Chemnitz.

Michael Harbauer was accompanied by Arendt Agthe, winner of the SCHLINGEL consolation prize in the year 2014, who presented his German production RETTET RAFFI! (MY FRIEND RAFFI) together with scriptwriter Bettina Kupfer in Seattle in German with English subtitles.The Children’s Film Festival in Seattle is the most renowned festival of its kind at the West Coast. During the 12-day-spectacle more than 165 international children’s films from 40 countries are shown. Further to the festival in Seattle SCHLINGEL nurtures close relationships in North America with children’s and youth film festivals in New York and Montreal.