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Festival report day 3


The International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience starts today with the International Premiere of the Czech fairy tale of Theodor Storm “The Rain Fairy”. In attendance of director Milan Cieslar, the movie fascinates more than 200 viewers and is therefore one of the most crowded presentations.
So far about 3700 enthusiasts watched the newest productions of children and youth film.

Today the European Children’s Jury visit the city hall of Chemnitz. The afternoon outside the theatre starts with a reception of the chief of the “Kulturbüro Chemnitz”, Bernd Ruscher. Following they climbed up the tower of the historical building. All 18 children were thrilled by the view as well of the juice and cookies.
Before the European Children’s Jury appoint their favourite film, the little jurors need to stay at the theatre for a while. Tomorrow they watch the Polish animated film “Copernicus’ Star” on their schedule.

Tonight the awarding of the “Ehrenschlingel” takes place in the Volksbank Chemnitz. This year Zdenek Miler will be honoured for his lifetime achievement. He is the illustrator of the famous “little mole”. After the war he worked as a trained painter and graphic artist, a booming business in the Czechoslovakia at this time. The mole was born, just because of the simple fact, that Miler stumbled over a mole hill. From that moment on, the “little mole” experienced a lot of adventures and bewitched people all over Europe. Today Zdenka Deitchova will accept the award in place of the 89 year old Miler. She is the producer of all mole-films.

The „Ehrenschlingel“ will be presented for the fifth time. The past winners are:

2006: Director Vacláv Vorlícek
2007: Defa-Director Rolf Losansky
2008: Producer Uschi Reich
2009: Hans and Christel Strobel, editor of the KJK

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