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SCHLINGEL International Film Festival presents German films in Japan, Russia and Romania

Starting next week, festival director Michael Harbauer will travel abroad again to promote German children’s and youth films on international screens.


The Winners of the 21st SCHLINGEL International Film Festival

With the highlight of the festive awarding ceremony on Saturday night, the 21st SCHLINGEL International Festival for Children and Young Audience was closed. Over one week, eleven juries had to find their favourite films. Altogether, 16 prizes worth 63,000 Euros were awarded to the winners. The festival screened a total of 181 films from 54 countries.


The International Film Festival SCHLINGEL starts on Monday

The International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults is celebrating its 21. Jubilee and opened today with the German premier of the Russian production “The Pitch” by Eduard Bordukow.


Cinema release of MY GREEK HOLIDAYS

Morgen startet der Streifen "Meine griechischen Ferien" in unseren Kinos. In Mitteldeutschland wird er in Chemnitz, Leipzig und Erfurt zu sehen sein.


SCHLINGEL presents itself in Tel Aviv

From today until Saturday SCHLINGEL International Film Festival presents itself at the 12th International Children’s Film Festival in Tel Aviv.


Deadline for film submissions for the 21st SCHLINGEL will end soon

From September 26 to October 2, 2016 the 21st International Film Festival for children and young audience SCHLINGEL takes place in Chemnitz.



Films allow a much eaasier access to a foreign culture and language. With the film case “Cinemanya”, curated by festival director Michael Harbauer, the Goethe Institute provides German films for the media educational work with refugee children and adolescents.


3rd German-Uzbek children’s and youth film festival ”Shum bola” in Tashkent and Fergana

A delegation of the Chemnitz based SCHLINGEL International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience is travelling to Uzbekistan tomorrow in order to present productions of past festival editions at the 3rd Uzbek children’s and youth film festival “Shum bola”.


Ciné Jeune

For the film festival „Ciné-Jeune de l’Aisne“ in Guise not only head of SCHLINGEL Michael Harbauer made his way to France, but also both of the pupils Henrike and Kilian from the secondary school Dr.-Wilhelm-André in Chemnitz.


Montreal & New York

At the 19th edition of the FIFEM in Montreal there weren’t only numerous guests but also head of SCHLINGEL Michael Harbauer and director Norbert Lechner, whose film "Fortune Favors the Brave" was officially introduced at the 20th SCHLINGEL last year.


Berlinale 2016

 As one of the organisers of the “Meeting of the Children’s Film Scene” in the representation of the federal state of Saxony within the Federal Government the IFF SCHLINGEL assured for a felicitous reception, at which inspiring conversations were held and new project ideas could be made.


Film festival SCHLINGEL cooperates with children’s film festival in Seattle

The International Film Festival SCHLINGEL is proud to present a new partner at his side. In the future SCHLINGEL will cooperate with the children’s film festival in Seattle. A corresponding agreement was now made in Seattle.

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